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Landscape Design 
Big Easy Lawn Services
Landscape Lighting
  Is one of the most decorative features of your home. The Landscape can help add an immense amount of value to your residential home, whilst it also provides a stunning and visual pleasing area which consists of flowers, plants, trees, pavers, retaining walls and lighting. Landscape may not come with the home you purchase or begin to build yourself. It is a gracious part of planning the ideal home. It is also an important area to plan and get advice from Big Easy Lawn. 
At Big Easy Lawn, we provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take care of your landscaping needs, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:

  Uplights: Lights placed at ground level with the lights aiming upward to highlight focal points in the landscape, such as specimen trees, signs, and architectural features. The lights not only highlight features from the outside, but they also provide for an extension of the interior living spaces at night. Fixtures of this type may include spot or flood lights as well as in-ground fixtures.

  Pathlights: Lights placed just above grade level along sidewalks, driveways, or informal paths in the landscape to safely lead a person from one location to another. Path light fixtures are generally low to the ground and cast a spreading light.

  Specialty lights: Lights that add accent to a space, especially in the evening. Their purpose is to set a particular mood or create atmosphere. Examples of specialty lights include string lights in a gazebo, lights that resemble patio torches and/or flickering flames, and lights used in underwater settings to highlight a waterfall or rock bank. 
  Water is essential to keeping a lawn or garden in good health. The trouble with watering is that it can be time-consuming, especially if your idea of watering is standing outside with the hose. But thanks to irrigation systems, watering has become a lot less hands-on.

One of the most obvious advantages is the time savings afforded by an automatic sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Once installed, many systems can be set to a timer to water at specific time intervals and on certain days of the week. This means there's no need to worry about forgetting to water the lawn and coming back from vacation to find crisp, yellow grass.

Another advantage is that automatic irrigation systems are generally hidden from view, which means there are no unsightly hoses stretched across the lawn and no more tripping hazards. Sprinkler heads pop up to spray and then retract when the job is done. Underground drip systems do their work out of view. For families with young children and pets who share outdoor spaces, automatic systems may be a safer option.
Lawn Maintenance 
  Our highly qualified team will, provide the highest quality of care for your lawn and stay in constant communication with you to provide the continual 100% satisfaction rate that we strive for. On each visit you can expect a complete lawn care package to include: grass cutting, edging, weed eating, blow down of your property and clean up and removal of all lawn debris.
Plant Rental
  We are specialists in plant rental and leasing for commercial spaces, special events, and residential interiors. Big Easy Lawn offers a wide variety of flowering plants, trees, and planters for all types of events including parties, weddings, sporting tournaments, professional meetings, conventions, and banquets.

We are dedicated to giving you efficient and friendly service at reasonable prices. That’s why quality conscious office managers, restaurant owners, event planners, florists, and caterers throughout the New Orleans area.

Reserve your plants online or e-mail us at info@bigeasylawn.com
Holiday Decorating 
  Big Easy Lawn offers dazzling holiday decor for any size home, business or event. Let us customize the decorations to fit your home, office or event needs.

One of our dedicated professionals will work with you to make sure your home, office or event sparkles this holiday season. Choose from decorated trees, holiday lights, distinctive wreaths, fresh poinsettias, and more. Order your prelit Fraser Fir Christmas Tree online today. 

  • Decorated trees and holiday displays for homes, offices or events
  • Setup, installation, and removal of displays
  • Pre-selected holiday displays and custom solutions
  • Holiday scenting
  • A reputation built on decades of experience